Outside the Box Trivia - August 21st Game
August 21st Game
  • Below are 5 unrelated clues that lead to 5 answers
  • Each answer shares a common bond with the rest
  • Find that theme to help you find all the answers

1 This sandbox video game was banned in Brazil for being extremely violent, but that didn't stop it from getting four sequels and a number of spin-offs.
2 Take a couple potatoes, two galvanized nails and some copper wire and you too can make a simple version of one of these powerful devices.
3 "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" featured this regular sketch where he would wander the streets an interview people on the topic de jour.
4 This high risk baseball play relies on a runner committing to a stolen base attempt to put the defence out of position, with the assumption the batter will make contact with the ball and take advantage.
5 Got a demon inside you making do things? It's not your fault - you just have this ghostly affliction!
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