• Below are 5 unrelated clues that lead to 5 answers
  • Each answer shares a common bond with the rest
  • Find that theme to help you find all the answers

1 Researchers at East Central University in Oklahoma have determined that while less than 40% of Americans use this term for a class of beverages, over 85% of Canadians do use it.
2 In 1969, San Diego gained a major league baseball expansion team with this name.
3 In Aesop's fable, 'The Lion and the Mouse', the mouse pulls a thorn out this body part of the lion.
4 Badly hurt characters on the HBO series 'Game of Thrones' are often given 'milk' of this plant.
5 Duchamps's urinal labeled 'Fountain' or Arp's randomly strewn paper squares or both examples of this nonsense 20th century art movement.
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