Outside the Box Trivia - January 10th Game
January 10th Game
  • Below are 5 unrelated clues that lead to 5 answers
  • Each answer shares a common bond with the rest
  • Find that theme to help you find all the answers
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1 This is Homer Simpson's mother's name. Perhaps her granddaughter was named after her, in a roundabout way?
2 You would find Van Gogh's "Starry Night" and Rousseau's "The Sleeping Gypsy" in this New York museum.
3 League of Legends is a video game played at the professional level that see competitors battle in a multiplayer online arena. It is a star of this four-letter gaming genre.
4 The Italians invented this style of eight-sided coffee pot. You could use it to brew a chocolately latte, but you don't have to.
5 All fish from this genus derived from the Latin for millstone, are commonly called sunfish.
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