Outside the Box Trivia - January 3rd Game
January 3rd Game
  • Below are 5 unrelated clues that lead to 5 answers
  • Each answer shares a common bond with the rest
  • Find that theme to help you find all the answers

1 If you called 867-5309, you might expect this person to pick up.
2 Molson coined this term for the five litre mini-kegs of beer they peddled.
3 John Goodman has played this character its original series starting in 1988, and its spinoff premiering in 2018.
4 The Nottingham, UK's soccer (er, football) club has this team name, perhaps after they type of place the city's sheriff once spent a lot of time around.
5 Weird Al released this parody of a Presidents of the United States single in 1996.
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