Outside the Box Trivia - October 5th Game
October 5th Game
  • Below are 5 unrelated clues that lead to 5 answers
  • Each answer shares a common bond with the rest
  • Find that theme to help you find all the answers
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1 Heavily studied in game theory, this game consists of two drivers, both headed for a single-lane bridge from opposite directions. The first to swerve away loses.
2 This versatile term could refer to an amateur radio operator or a bad actor.
3 Christopher Moore wrote this "Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal." It's name id a reference a common symbol for Jesus himself.
4 The oldest university in the world, was founded in 1088 in this Italian city.
5 He laid down the basis of the scientific method in his influential work "Novum Organum."
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